The Team Making It All Possible

Founder Bellum Studio
Aristotelis G. Kostopoulos

"The future is in the hands of those who understand how to combine technology and creativity."
I'm the one writing this so I don't really think i should give myself too much credit.

Stratos Kounalakis
CTO - Research & Development Lead

Our tech-whiz-in-chief and the brain behind the innovation at Bellum Studio. As our CTO and R&D guru, he's the guy who turns caffeine into code and dreams into digital reality. With Stratos at the helm, we're not just thinking outside the box – we're redesigning it.

When he's not conjuring up the next big thing, you might catch him debating about probabilities and applied mathematics.

Maritina Ch.
Senior Scriptwriter

Our wordsmith extraordinaire and the creative maestro behind Bellum Studio's compelling scripts. As our resident scriptwriter, she transforms ideas into narratives that hit all the right feels. Maritina has a knack for making words dance to her storytelling tune, and her keyboard is like a magic wand for crafting captivating content.

Carl Ising
Development Partner

Carl is constantly seeking out new opportunities and is always willing to take risks. He has a strong vision and he is a true leader and motivator always putting his employees and customers first, always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and make his business more efficient. He is a true visionary and a true asset to any business.