Our Values

The Internet is for anyone who wants to share their thoughts with the rest of the world, and we will always oppose online censorship and content restriction.

To accomplish this, we research and test all of our products to ensure that they meet or exceed industry security standards, and we only work with partners and affiliates who share our highest standards for Internet Privacy, Security, and Content Freedom.

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works that are appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power, we truly believe that all art should be accessible, usable, and enjoyed by all.

We understand the concerns of artists, content creators, and art consumers, and we want to ensure that our art is easily accessible and fairly used.

To accomplish this, we provide licensing guidance to all of our partners, and we provide content usage guidelines that are appropriate for modern purposes. (For example, clear directions and guidance for social media use, and so on.)

Gaming has always leaned toward a more dopamine-centric activity in recent years, enticing young players with flashy skins, cartoonish graphics, and wonky physics.
What we want to promote are two new types of video games: the first being a multiplayer storytelling experience that allows you to develop the story by interacting with others and gives more weight to the sense of fulfillment that comes from human interaction.
The second being a life-style genre, with a greater emphasis on multiplayer actions to keep the economy moving.
We believe that introducing these new game styles to the world will usher in a new era of video games in which people will focus less on the games and more on their real-life connections (just as they have done in the past).

We are committed to conducting research to aid progress in our areas of expertise.

We believe that research (whether scientific or experimental) will lead to innovation, putting us far ahead of the competition.

Aside from that, ideas and methods discovered during the research process (even if they are not useful for the initial goal) can always be used to improve our business models and optimize our workflows, which in turn will improve our work.

We are always looking for talented individuals who have a great idea or are experienced in a field we want to develop, and we are eager to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Our Mission

Bellum Studio wants to make a difference by giving you the tools and services you need to succeed in today's world.
Our vision is of an open and free internet in which everyone has the opportunity to connect online and sculpt their own destiny without being controlled by faceless and nameless algorithms.

Our Vision

We value trust in each other and have fun winning together, we own and shape our future, we create sustainable growth, and we want to do the right thing with precision, pace, and passion.

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